Tablets, sachets, capsules or sprays have long time ago replaced ointments, filters or other decoctions. Galenic is an art, the art of preparing the drug in a form easily assimilated and totally effective. For thousands of years, evolutions and innovations have marked the history of medication, and

Knowing how to identify and classify your customers is essential to good business management. Discover through these few lines how to define your strategic customers and keep them. Identify your strategic clients This is not a prospect First of all, the strategic customer is not usually a pro

If you can improve your production, invoicing or sales without making new investments in the short term, then you will be ready for growth. How to quickly increase your production capacity? What is production capacity? Increasing your production capacity means giving you the means to produce

Apprehending a strategic client requires the implementation of a key account manager (Kam). The Kam is here a manager, a person who centralizes and who, as such, is as much skilled for business relationship as for the customer relationship or team animation. Why set up a Key Account Manager

I take my keyboard to expose a delicate situation that is currently mine today: answering to the audit remarks from our customers. On the plant where I work, we partner with 100 clients. This amount of clients represents at least 1 audit / week / year and more than a hundred remarks to manage yearly

Here we are, February 9, 2019 is fast approaching. The FMD Directive about serialization will come into force throughout Europe. If you are not yet equipped, or you have not thought about the question, it is already too late, you will not be compliant ... or so make a lot of stock! Since 2 years

Throughout our lives, personal or professional, we make decisions, good or bad, the specificity of the Man is to learn from these choices, more from the bad ones by the way in general, because we rarely learn from the good choices or the victories. Which company thinks to make a return of experience