Even if in 2018 everyone has heard about CSR "concept in which companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns in their activities" concretely how can we apply a CSR approach in the pharmaceutical industry, what are the actions to set up, examples of actions to take. More than ever i

According to Le Figaro, the figure is overwhelming, in France only a quarter of plastic packaging is recycled. But then, what are the actions to take in order to promote recycling? The choice of packaging, the choice of materials, consumer education in recycling. So many good practices to set up in

Before going into detail, it is important to emphasize that the concept of partnership is the association of two parties to achieve a project and / or action to reach defined objectives. It involves trust and mutual respect between the two parties. Outsourcing is synonymous with partnership To

Can you have your cake and eat it too ... the nearness of a local contract manufacturer and the price of a global one? Obviously if we are buyer or commercial, we will have different answers, but is there really an answer? In any case, the consumers opinions can help us... So pharmaceutical out

The arrival of cosmetic apps has changed consumer trends. We see here and there many blogs, women's magazine articles, dealing with the manufacture of our cosmetics at home. Oh DIY trend (Do It Yourself)! The cosmetic industry beginning of the end? Maybe not. Below are some significant obstacles to

For some months, consumers are shopping smartphone in hand and scanning products, to learn about their "potential danger", before acting the purchase. This phenomenon, first known for food products, has been spreading for some months now to the beauty ones. Indeed, consumers became suspicious

Oh winter ... winter sports’ season, pampering evenings by the fire, illuminated villages and little light cheese dishes! But in winter, there is as well a lower rate of sunshine, lower temperatures suitable to the development of germs and viruses. Flu, gastroenteritis and colds are stars. Ho

Stimulating the interest of patients and consumers is essential for any player in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. When the packaging seduces and must be pretty in the cosmetics industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, it should instead be practical and informative. We can then start fr