[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxSggmAKBeY[/embed] How to market your range? Watch episode 2 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes market your range is not always obvious.On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical worl

CSR is very trendy, some of our customers even impose this condition on us in the commercial relation in order to become one of their supplier! The revolution is underway and we are the actors ... Here, employees can express themselves, bees make honey and suppliers are respected. Indeed, the new

Can you have your cake and eat it too ... the nearness of a local contract manufacturer and the price of a global one? Obviously if we are buyer or commercial, we will have different answers, but is there really an answer? In any case, the consumers opinions can help us... So pharmaceutical out

At Amazon, and other Ali Baba’s age, at the time when all stores have their own app and when consumers can have accurate information whenever they decide and need, isn’t it time to turn disruptive and change BtoB usages by duplicating the new BtoC model to CDMOs? Communication with your CDM

"A collective employment termination project is under study at Sanofi. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, a social and economic committee will be held in three entities of the group (Sanofi Aventis Group, R & D and industry) to address this reorganization. "We are very worried," told the Newsp

Here we are, February 9, 2019 is fast approaching. The FMD Directive about serialization will come into force throughout Europe. If you are not yet equipped, or you have not thought about the question, it is already too late, you will not be compliant ... or so make a lot of stock! Since 2 years

Throughout our lives, personal or professional, we make decisions, good or bad, the specificity of the Man is to learn from these choices, more from the bad ones by the way in general, because we rarely learn from the good choices or the victories. Which company thinks to make a return of experience

In the field of pharmaceutical outsourcing where competition is raging, a change of mentality has been taking place in recent years. Where the buyers agreed to pay a little more in their drug unit price, they are today focused on any cent. The contracting of outsourcing relationships causes that the

In a mature market like nasal seawater, competition is raging and new brands, punchy, force the historical players to review more and more often their range in order to adapt themselves... trends are changing quickly and a way of to differentiate is the volume of the pack! The volume to differe

In the past years in France, the market for major pharmaceutical brands has been attacked by generics. The first brand managers' reactions was to transfer some of their medicines to OTC: freedom of tariffs, and getting closer to consumers. The "front" then moved on the shelves of pharmacies, where b