The cosmetic formulation has no secret for you but its marketing is still unclear. This article will help you to understand. Indeed, to comply with the regulations and be able to put market cosmetics in Europe, you must develop a Product Information File (PIF). This document which gathers all the es

Innovation and Research and Development (R&D) are closely linked, even if they represent two different things. However, they are part of a company strategy to constantly adapt its products and processes or create new ones to meet market needs. R&D is the driving force behind innovation and t

[embed][/embed] How to diversify your production range? Watch episode 9 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes diversify your production range is not always obvious. On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedi

You have a range of creams intended for women prone to skin redness, having fragile skin, or with atopic tendency. But have you thought about babies? No, what a pity! The baby is one of the greatest consumers of cosmetics. If you’ve conquered the mom, you’ll have a strong chance to get the l

If there is a place where it is difficult to be visible it is inevitably the pharmacy. Thousands of products, aligned next to each other, according to a well-studied configuration and where merchandising reveals all its power. How to stand out among all this competition? You will see that, while res

Formulation, dare or not ? Some people think that it is a question of mixing some ingredients and adding a preservative to formulate a cream. This is not totally false but not totally true either. The formulation is not like a recipe, it is not enough to add this or that ingredient to "get the prod

February 2019, a customer gives more or less detailed specifications and asks his contractor manufacturer to manufacture it so that it is in drugstores’ shelves in May. Do you think it is doable? Not easy!! You will see that the pathway to get to the shelves of pharmacies is littered with pitfalls

Oh winter ... winter sports’ season, pampering evenings by the fire, illuminated villages and little light cheese dishes! But in winter, there is as well a lower rate of sunshine, lower temperatures suitable to the development of germs and viruses. Flu, gastroenteritis and colds are stars. Ho

You heard about medical device last night on advertising and you don’t know what it really is, so this release is for you. Know that medical devices are everywhere but really everywhere. They can represent many things whether contact lenses, a nasal spray, a bandage, a hip prosthesis, an intimate

Tablets, sachets, capsules or sprays have long time ago replaced ointments, filters or other decoctions. Galenic is an art, the art of preparing the drug in a form easily assimilated and totally effective. For thousands of years, evolutions and innovations have marked the history of medication, and