Business relationship

Formulation, dare or not ? Some people think that it is a question of mixing some ingredients and adding a preservative to formulate a cream. This is not totally false but not totally true either. The formulation is not like a recipe, it is not enough to add this or that ingredient to “get the […]

CSR is very trendy, some of our customers even impose this condition on us in the commercial relation in order to become one of their supplier! The revolution is underway and we are the actors … Here, employees can express themselves, bees make honey and suppliers are respected. Indeed, the new generation, whatever its name, […]

February 2019, a customer gives more or less detailed specifications and asks his contractor manufacturer to manufacture it so that it is in drugstores’ shelves in May. Do you think it is doable? Not easy!! You will see that the pathway to get to the shelves of pharmacies is littered with pitfalls. Project agreed, super, […]

Before going into detail, it is important to emphasize that the concept of partnership is the association of two parties to achieve a project and / or action to reach defined objectives. It involves trust and mutual respect between the two parties. Outsourcing is synonymous with partnership To be efficient, the parties must jointly: Define […]

Can you have your cake and eat it too … the nearness of a local contract manufacturer and the price of a global one? Obviously if we are buyer or commercial, we will have different answers, but is there really an answer? In any case, the consumers opinions can help us… So pharmaceutical outsourcing: at […]

“A collective employment termination project is under study at Sanofi. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, a social and economic committee will be held in three entities of the group (Sanofi Aventis Group, R & D and industry) to address this reorganization. “We are very worried,” told the Newspaper a union source. “Already, we had […]

The relationship between a customer and his CDMO is essential to sustain sales and therefore his business. Bad word of mouth or misunderstanding can lead to major financial disasters or, in the worst case scenario, bankruptcy. That’s why you need to be especially careful about the relationship you have with your customers. So, how to […]

Knowing how to identify and classify your customers is essential to good business management. Discover through these few lines how to define your strategic customers and keep them. Identify your strategic clients This is not a prospect First of all, the strategic customer is not usually a prospect. Indeed, you cannot afford to mobilize a […]

Apprehending a strategic client requires the implementation of a key account manager (Kam). The Kam is here a manager, a person who centralizes and who, as such, is as much skilled for business relationship as for the customer relationship or team animation. Why set up a Key Account Manager for your strategic clients? KAM coordinates […]

Here we are, February 9, 2019 is fast approaching. The FMD Directive about serialization will come into force throughout Europe. If you are not yet equipped, or you have not thought about the question, it is already too late, you will not be compliant … or so make a lot of stock! Since 2 years […]