Can we assimilate subcontracting and partnership?

Before going into detail, it is important to emphasize that the concept of partnership is the association of two parties to achieve a project and / or action to reach defined objectives. It involves trust and mutual respect between the two parties.

sous-traitance partenariat

Outsourcing is synonymous with partnership

To be efficient, the parties must jointly:

  • Define a specification
  • Set objectives
  • Decide on the directions to follow
  • Execute clearly defined tasks
  • Monitor the progress of the project at all times

A human dimension

Beyond the contractual obligations, the human dimension is at the partnership center. The social skills thus participate in the establishment of reliable, long-lasting and strong relationships. It eliminates the customer / supplier relationship in order to achieve the objectives.

Of course, expertise, flexibility and a spirit of service are the expected prerequisites of a partnership.

CDMO: the partner of the pharmaceutical laboratories

For a Pharmaceutical Laboratory, collaborating with a CDMO allows to benefit from economies of scale, to reach local markets with specific regulations as well as to have access to skills and production means that it does not have or not anymore in its plant. In addition, the needs of several laboratories sharing makes it possible to obtain productivity gains.

The transition from CMO to CDMO with the addition of the D bringing the dimension of development also makes it possible to work on the long term with this one.

In conclusion, we can say that in the vast majority of cases, using a CDMO is establishing a structuring and sustainable partnership for the Pharmaceutical Laboratory.