Why trusting a (good) CDMO sales rep?

The business of sales representing a CDMO has entered the twenty-first century and the relationship between the sales rep and the buyer has evolved … more horse trader’s fair or penny pinching, But a necessary and reassuring trust relationship when internet allows expertise to be shared …


What makes the difference with a good CDMO sales rep?

You are a buyer of a pharmaceutical company … times are tough, competition is tough, factories are closing and you have to outsource production, brand managers are more and more demanding of products under licensing-out business model … reporting, finance, objectives …. No more time to lose with the  CDMO sales rep before and its funnel of questions to better identify your needs before reaching the starting point of the negotiation that will end around a good lunch! Today the restaurant is the sandwich on the edge of the office by consulting the 300 mails late since the last week’ holiday … and the contract is reviewed 3 or 4 times by the legal service and finance to be sure that the shareholders’ interests are well preserved! Where to find solace in all this???

The interdependence relationship Sales Rep / Buyer has been upset in recent years … Thanks to the internet the sales rep knows each news of his client and the buyer knows each and every offer of his supplier … in real time: when they meet they must be effective in a world where everything is much more (too) fast!

So between the good CDMO sales rep and the bad CDMO sales rep , it’s like between the good and the bad hunter … we quickly realize if he knows what he is talking about or not and if he understands what is expected from him or not!

My advice to you buyer who are interested in what you buy, who became an expert … test your CDMO sales rep and if he is good, trust him, he will be your best ally because you need him as much as him you!

First, if you meet him, it is that you estimate that the CDMO that he represents corresponds to your research (see the post CDMO the 10 key points) … Then if he comes to see you, it is that you have been identified as an interesting customer. So, there is no reason not to find an agreement.

If he is good, and expert:

  1. he will give you all the arguments to “sell” in turn its solution internally,
  2. he will delight you with his expertise of the business and the various services that his CDMO can offer you to satisfy your requirements,
  3. he will not lie to you and will propose solutions to the potential problems encountered (see article Do not think that your CDMO will be better than your factory)
  4. he will introduce his best project managers (see Article Project Manager) to complete your common project,
  5. he will quote you the most adapted price to your request, because you worth it !

So remember, as one of my favorite buyers said, a successful meeting is 80% preparation, and 20% talent 😉