Deciding is winning!

Throughout our lives, personal or professional, we make decisions, good or bad, the specificity of the Man is to learn from these choices, more from the bad ones by the way in general, because we rarely learn from the good choices or the victories. Which company thinks to make a return of experience on a project which went well, delivered without problem and on time? None … to my knowledge but this position is perhaps a bad choice.

Décider industrie pharma

So, deciding is good, making good choices is better?

“Choosing is giving up” (André Gide), “Life is the sum of all your choices” (Albert Camus), “Having decided cures the vertigo of having to decide” (Claude Roy), it will be understood, this decision making, whether or not thought, is the key to our life and our experience.

From this decision arise consequences, which will be judged and which will produce their effects, in order to attribute to this decision, the adjective of “bad choice” or “good choice”!

But the worst choice is not to decide (that one must be a quote too)!

Because the good decision that often comes from the old bad decisions also called the experience 😉 actually produce positive effects, and the wrong decision, itself, produces negative effects on the short term … but in the long term brings us experience that will produce its effects on our next decisions!

In short, here we are at the end of a mood ticket that ultimately, more than the good or bad choice advocates above all the choice!

So, managers, sales people, buyers, and other characters from all walks of life make your decisions, because the right choices come from experience, but the experience comes from the wrong choices …