Quality management

You have a range of creams intended for women prone to skin redness, having fragile skin, or with atopic tendency. But have you thought about babies? No, what a pity! The baby is one of the greatest consumers of cosmetics. If you’ve conquered the mom, you’ll have a strong chance to get the last one […]

Counterfeiting affects all products. Without authorization of the Brands, it copies the characteristic elements of the original product, for example the packaging, the bottle but also the contents or the fragrance. Counterfeiting of perfumes and cosmetics is a strongly developing phenomena and the proliferation of websites is one of the main causes. Counterfeiting of cosmetic […]

Facing a complaining customer, or better a patient in our case, is the opportunity for a CDMO to show its know-how and thus to take care of its image. For this, the Client and the CDMO must set up an organization, a partnership to process complaints quickly and efficiently. The goal is to consider its […]

Formulation, dare or not ? Some people think that it is a question of mixing some ingredients and adding a preservative to formulate a cream. This is not totally false but not totally true either. The formulation is not like a recipe, it is not enough to add this or that ingredient to “get the […]

Batch release is a regulatory provision from European directives. This type of decision cannot be taken by anyone. But what does it really consist of? Let us take a look here at this task which we confess seems obscure in these terms. Batch release: knowing how to dare safe Batch release: what is it? What […]

Excel, my beautiful Excel tell me if you are really so convenient and secure to manage all deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) or Change Control in our production site. Obviously not! So Excel to the trash? More reliable processes for safer and more efficient quality! Find out hereunder why a CDMO has interest in […]

Here we are, February 9, 2019 is fast approaching. The FMD Directive about serialization will come into force throughout Europe. If you are not yet equipped, or you have not thought about the question, it is already too late, you will not be compliant … or so make a lot of stock! Since 2 years […]

I take my keyboard to expose a delicate situation that is currently mine today: answering to the audit remarks from our customers. On the plant where I work, we partner with 100 clients. This amount of clients represents at least 1 audit / week / year and more than a hundred remarks to manage yearly. […]

Drugs have the Good Manufacturing Practices (hereinafter referred to as GMP), cosmetics have the ISO 22716 standard. If the need to secure the production of drugs is not to prove, it is not always obvious for cosmetic products. Indeed these “substances or mixtures intended to be put in contact with the superficial parts of the […]

When the time comes to have your drug developed, it can be difficult to navigate through the different existing statuses. It is therefore good to know the pharmaceutical responsibilities meanings of each in order to choose. Pharmaceutical responsibility: how to choose the sharing of responsibility with your subcontractor Pharmaceutical responsibility is a key point to […]