Supply chain

How to measure and optimize the customer service rate? Measurement of customer service rate The service rate is a reflection of the performance of your Supply Chain. There are several more or less complex methods of measuring oneself. This indicator can be measured in two ways: time and quantity. We measure an OTIF – On […]

The Supply Chain management is carried out at any levels, according to the needs, objectives to the Supply Chain scope. The main Supply Chain KPis The Supply Chain, like any process under control, is governed by a few indicators that must be easily implemented into the Company practices. Among the most basic, we find: Stocks […]

As anyone knows, a company manufactures a good or a service in order to meet a customer need. Its offer is differentiated on the market by an “Order Winner” – the strong point of the company, which makes it special from the others. The “Order Winner” will influence the entire manufacturing system of the company. […]

If you can improve your production, invoicing or sales without making new investments in the short term, then you will be ready for growth. How to quickly increase your production capacity? What is production capacity? Increasing your production capacity means giving you the means to produce more internally, for example by speeding up production or […]

The sales and operations planning in the pharmaceutical industry is a monthly process that allows Sales and Marketing to update the sales plan for the next period of 12 months, and the Production and Purchasing department to: Check if they have enough capacity to manufacture what is planned to sell, Modify the Production Plan, Communicate […]

The basic components of the Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) in the pharmaceutical industry are the commercial plan, the production plan (often called the industrial plan so as not to confuse it with the production program), coherence of these two plans, decisions and arbitrations, validation by the company of the resulting plans Familiarize yourself with […]

All the players still have only a few months to set up the serialization of drugs in order that they can be managed and monitored. Because the challenge is the fight against counterfeiting that concerns 1 out of 10 drugs sold in the world! While the investment of the manufacturer to implement serialization is colossal, […]

Many operations of the sales and operations planning in the pharmaceutical industry already exist but are managed independently by different pilots and often without coordination. The systemic approach remains unused because the organization has to be mature. From the outside and as we seek to optimize coordination with its suppliers and customers, the industrial and […]