Like you, we identify the opportunities of the pharmaceutical world

Like you (unless you are on this blog by chance) we are a motivated team practicing in the pharmaceutical industry. Like you too, we have issues to solve daily and we decided to respond in part through the articles of this blog.

Alors qui se cache derrière ces articles ?

Experts in their field (project manager, quality assurance manager, flow management manager, sales manager, etc.) working for a human scale pharmaceutical company, Chemineau Lab located in Vouvray (Loire Valley, France).
If you are here, it is because we have values ​​in common, we like to work and evolve as a team in order to grow the pharmaceutical sector. We are not here to promote our laboratory, we are here to share our experience with the pharmaceutical world for free, if you have any questions contact us!

Because we are creative to many, discover the editors!

Aurélie – No secret for quality! Because we can only get the best results from the moment we make quality.

My passion? The kitchen! My job? Quality Assurance Manager in the pharmaceutical industry with experience in the field for 12 years. The link between the 2? The satisfaction of the end user (the patient, my friends) by doing good first time.

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Alain – Rigorous by nature! Because the service rate is important.

In my daily life, I particularly like finding solutions and satisfying customer expectations. I am happy to share with you, through this blog, my expertise in the supply chain of a pharmaceutical company for a decade.

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Cécile – Human contact unequaled! Because customer satisfaction is a priority.

In life as at work, I like human contact and it is also a real driver in my daily life. I love others so much, that I chose to do my job, in an area that was close to my heart: health. I have been in a commercial role for over 20 years. Today, I am delighted to discuss with you my passion for customer relations through this blog.

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Hervé – The taste of business! Because a good development is built with a vision.

I like to discover, create, build, surprise, innovate in life and work! The smile and the empathy pegged to the body, what makes me advance is the sharing and the exchange. Building original solutions is that I have been doing for 17 years with my customers pharmaceutical laboratories, for their greatest happiness 😉

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Marie – Efficiency in project mode! Because differentiation is done through good management.

Passionate about health issues and very attentive to the pharmaceutical sector, I am constantly watching to find the latest trends in the sector and share them with you on this blog. And yes curiosity is a wonderful fault!

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Mathilde – Marketing in all its forms! Because a good image is essential!

My mantra? The creation and it is timely because I enjoy exercising in marketing and communication for 6 years. I hope that you take as much pleasure as us to share and discuss on topics of the pharmaceutical world.

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