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CDMO business relationship

Business relationship with a CDMO

Find all the articles around a commercial relationship between a laboratory and a pharmaceutical subcontractor.

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CDMO quality management

Quality management with a CDMO

Discover the many topics that explain the importance of quality in the pharmaceutical industry.

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marketing trends pharmaceutical industry

Marketing trends in pharmaceutical industry

Detect the good marketing ideas of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Supply chain of CDMO

Supply Chain of CDMO

Get inspired by supply chain management tools in the pharmaceutical industry and discover the economic value of its optimization.

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regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical industry

Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical industry

Find all the information to ensure the conformity of drug with the regulations in effect.

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How can you improve your customer service rate?

How to measure and optimize the customer service rate? Measurement of customer service rate The service rate is a reflection of the performance of your Supply Chain. There are several more or less complex methods of measuring oneself. This indicator can be measured in two ways: time and quantity. We measure an OTIF – On […]

Lauching a cosmetic product by building a PIF

The cosmetic formulation has no secret for you but its marketing is still unclear. This article will help you to understand. Indeed, to comply with the regulations and be able to put market cosmetics in Europe, you must develop a Product Information File (PIF). This document which gathers all the essential information guaranties the safety […]

Should we embark on innovation without an R&D structure?

Innovation and Research and Development (R&D) are closely linked, even if they represent two different things. However, they are part of a company strategy to constantly adapt its products and processes or create new ones to meet market needs. R&D is the driving force behind innovation and the key to the company’s competitiveness. But can […]

Promote a production made in France

Why promote French production for your medicines, cosmetics and medical devices? Watch episode 11 of the Phartastic web-series and discover with humour that sometimes a production made in France can be a guarantee of quality. On April 1st, we took up the challenge with the Ozécla agency! A web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which […]

Gain visibility with CDMO

How to gain visibility in pharma? Watch #BIGIDEA the eighth episode of the webserie Phartastic and discover that sometimes the solutions to be visible are not obvious. On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily […]

Diversify your range with the CDMO

How to diversify your production range? Watch episode 9 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes diversify your production range is not always obvious. On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily life in […]

Why develop a baby care range?

You have a range of creams intended for women prone to skin redness, having fragile skin, or with atopic tendency. But have you thought about babies? No, what a pity! The baby is one of the greatest consumers of cosmetics. If you’ve conquered the mom, you’ll have a strong chance to get the last one […]

Becoming visible in pharmacy, a real challenge

If there is a place where it is difficult to be visible it is inevitably the pharmacy. Thousands of products, aligned next to each other, according to a well-studied configuration and where merchandising reveals all its power. How to stand out among all this competition? You will see that, while respecting some fundamentals, small tips […]

Optimizing its production costs with CDMO

How to optimize your production costs? Watch episode 7 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes optimizing production costs is not always obvious. On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily life in an […]

Be certified during your audit? Not always obvious!

How to be certified? The sixth episode of the Phartastic web series was released on May 28! Have you seen it ? If not, discover (with a lot of humor) that being Medical Device certified is not always easy going! On April 1, we took up the challenge with the agency Ozécla, a web-series dedicated […]

Market your range with CDMO

How to market your range? Watch episode 2 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes market your range is not always obvious.On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily life in an original way. […]

Be responsive on the market with the help of a subcontractor!

How to rhyme with reactivity on the market? Watch episode 5 of the phartastic web-series and discover in a funny and offbeat way that being reactive on the market is not always so simple… On April 1, we took up the challenge with the agency Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the […]

Packaging innovation: interview your contract manufacturer or visit a trade show

In the 21st century, even more than yesterday, companies are renewing themselves and constantly innovating. Today, when you want to last in a market, it is essential to launch new products and innovate in order to offer practical but original solutions to patients. When you want to access innovation, there are several possible strategies: ask a […]

Stand out in cosmetics: serialize!

Counterfeiting affects all products. Without authorization of the Brands, it copies the characteristic elements of the original product, for example the packaging, the bottle but also the contents or the fragrance. Counterfeiting of perfumes and cosmetics is a strongly developing phenomena and the proliferation of websites is one of the main causes. Counterfeiting of cosmetic […]

Find an innovative idea in this market thanks to the CDMO!

How to find a relevant idea? Watch episode 4 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes find an idea can make you go… crazy ! On April 1, we took up the challenge with the agency Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily […]

Supply Chain management to reach the top

The Supply Chain management is carried out at any levels, according to the needs, objectives to the Supply Chain scope. The main Supply Chain KPis The Supply Chain, like any process under control, is governed by a few indicators that must be easily implemented into the Company practices. Among the most basic, we find: Stocks […]

How to manage your customer complaints with your contract manufacturer?

Facing a complaining customer, or better a patient in our case, is the opportunity for a CDMO to show its know-how and thus to take care of its image. For this, the Client and the CDMO must set up an organization, a partnership to process complaints quickly and efficiently. The goal is to consider its […]

Formulation, dare or not ?

Formulation, dare or not ? Some people think that it is a question of mixing some ingredients and adding a preservative to formulate a cream. This is not totally false but not totally true either. The formulation is not like a recipe, it is not enough to add this or that ingredient to “get the […]

Reducing your lead time with CDMO

How to reduce his lead time? Watch episode 3 of the phartastic web-series and discover that sometimes reduce his lead times is not always easy. On April 1, we took up the challenge with the agency Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily […]

Increasing production capacity with CDMO

How increase your production capacity? Watch episode #01 THINK BIG to discover one of the possibilities open to you. On April 1, we took up the challenge with Ozécla, a web-series dedicated to the pharmaceutical world, which addresses the issues that you may encounter in your daily life in an original way. Discover how pharmaceutical […]

To release (to deliver) : take its responsibilities !

Batch release is a regulatory provision from European directives. This type of decision cannot be taken by anyone. But what does it really consist of? Let us take a look here at this task which we confess seems obscure in these terms. Batch release: knowing how to dare safe Batch release: what is it? What […]

Create commitment to patients

Whether for medical devices (without prescription) or cosmetics the offer is always more abundant. In this context, it is increasingly difficult to build loyalty and generate engagement to patients / customers who want to take their health and beauty in their own hands. So how to create an effective and sustainable engagement? This is the […]

CDMO: towards a two-tier CSR?

CSR is very trendy, some of our customers even impose this condition on us in the commercial relation in order to become one of their supplier! The revolution is underway and we are the actors … Here, employees can express themselves, bees make honey and suppliers are respected. Indeed, the new generation, whatever its name, […]

The extraordinary journey of the Medical Device

February 2019, a customer gives more or less detailed specifications and asks his contractor manufacturer to manufacture it so that it is in drugstores’ shelves in May. Do you think it is doable? Not easy!! You will see that the pathway to get to the shelves of pharmacies is littered with pitfalls. Project agreed, super, […]

What are the benefits of a CSR approach in the pharmaceutical industry?

Even if in 2018 everyone has heard about CSR “concept in which companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns in their activities” concretely how can we apply a CSR approach in the pharmaceutical industry, what are the actions to set up, examples of actions to take. More than ever it is important to look at […]

How to promote the recycling of your plastic packaging?

According to Le Figaro, the figure is overwhelming, in France only a quarter of plastic packaging is recycled. But then, what are the actions to take in order to promote recycling? The choice of packaging, the choice of materials, consumer education in recycling. So many good practices to set up in order to preserve the […]

Can we assimilate subcontracting and partnership?

Before going into detail, it is important to emphasize that the concept of partnership is the association of two parties to achieve a project and / or action to reach defined objectives. It involves trust and mutual respect between the two parties. Outsourcing is synonymous with partnership To be efficient, the parties must jointly: Define […]

CDMO : global or local ?

Can you have your cake and eat it too … the nearness of a local contract manufacturer and the price of a global one? Obviously if we are buyer or commercial, we will have different answers, but is there really an answer? In any case, the consumers opinions can help us… So pharmaceutical outsourcing: at […]

DIY in cosmetics: is it really a trend to follow?

The arrival of cosmetic apps has changed consumer trends. We see here and there many blogs, women’s magazine articles, dealing with the manufacture of our cosmetics at home. Oh DIY trend (Do It Yourself)! The cosmetic industry beginning of the end? Maybe not. Below are some significant obstacles to this trend that people should read […]

What about cosmetic Apps?

For some months, consumers are shopping smartphone in hand and scanning products, to learn about their “potential danger”, before acting the purchase. This phenomenon, first known for food products, has been spreading for some months now to the beauty ones. Indeed, consumers became suspicious after several media scandals in the beauty world, and want more […]

The Cold’s road

Oh winter … winter sports’ season, pampering evenings by the fire, illuminated villages and little light cheese dishes! But in winter, there is as well a lower rate of sunshine, lower temperatures suitable to the development of germs and viruses. Flu, gastroenteritis and colds are stars. How to get your patients overcoming the Cold’s road? […]

Packagings that have the wind in their sails in pharmaceutical industry

Stimulating the interest of patients and consumers is essential for any player in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. When the packaging seduces and must be pretty in the cosmetics industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, it should instead be practical and informative. We can then start from the mega trends of society or global consumption such […]

Installation of hives: the gateway to your CSR approach

CSR brings together all practices aimed at integrating social, environmental and economic concerns into their activities. Involve your organization and your employees in an ambitious, rewarding and simple project to implement. The installation of hives can be one of the pillars of this approach, so how and why integrate it to your plant? As Albert […]

Communication with his CDMO: we move to 4.0?

At Amazon, and other Ali Baba’s age, at the time when all stores have their own app and when consumers can have accurate information whenever they decide and need, isn’t it time to turn disruptive and change BtoB usages by duplicating the new BtoC model to CDMOs? Communication with your CDMO: Are you ready to […]

Why huge groups make the choice of outsourcing?

“A collective employment termination project is under study at Sanofi. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, a social and economic committee will be held in three entities of the group (Sanofi Aventis Group, R & D and industry) to address this reorganization. “We are very worried,” told the Newspaper a union source. “Already, we had […]

Manage quality effectively with the right tools

Excel, my beautiful Excel tell me if you are really so convenient and secure to manage all deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) or Change Control in our production site. Obviously not! So Excel to the trash? More reliable processes for safer and more efficient quality! Find out hereunder why a CDMO has interest in […]

Perpetuate your business thanks to its customer relationship

The relationship between a customer and his CDMO is essential to sustain sales and therefore his business. Bad word of mouth or misunderstanding can lead to major financial disasters or, in the worst case scenario, bankruptcy. That’s why you need to be especially careful about the relationship you have with your customers. So, how to […]

Define your manufacturing strategy

As anyone knows, a company manufactures a good or a service in order to meet a customer need. Its offer is differentiated on the market by an “Order Winner” – the strong point of the company, which makes it special from the others. The “Order Winner” will influence the entire manufacturing system of the company. […]

The Lifeblood of the medical device?

You heard about medical device last night on advertising and you don’t know what it really is, so this release is for you. Know that medical devices are everywhere but really everywhere. They can represent many things whether contact lenses, a nasal spray, a bandage, a hip prosthesis, an intimate gel … in short, they […]

Galenic forms of the future: technological developments and innovations

Tablets, sachets, capsules or sprays have long time ago replaced ointments, filters or other decoctions. Galenic is an art, the art of preparing the drug in a form easily assimilated and totally effective. For thousands of years, evolutions and innovations have marked the history of medication, and fortunately for us. Everyone appreciates the small anesthetic […]

What is a strategic customer for a CDMO?

Knowing how to identify and classify your customers is essential to good business management. Discover through these few lines how to define your strategic customers and keep them. Identify your strategic clients This is not a prospect First of all, the strategic customer is not usually a prospect. Indeed, you cannot afford to mobilize a […]

Increase production capacity on pharmaceutical site

If you can improve your production, invoicing or sales without making new investments in the short term, then you will be ready for growth. How to quickly increase your production capacity? What is production capacity? Increasing your production capacity means giving you the means to produce more internally, for example by speeding up production or […]

A Key Account Manager to manage its strategic customers?

Apprehending a strategic client requires the implementation of a key account manager (Kam). The Kam is here a manager, a person who centralizes and who, as such, is as much skilled for business relationship as for the customer relationship or team animation. Why set up a Key Account Manager for your strategic clients? KAM coordinates […]

CDMO audits: focus on quality over quantity!

I take my keyboard to expose a delicate situation that is currently mine today: answering to the audit remarks from our customers. On the plant where I work, we partner with 100 clients. This amount of clients represents at least 1 audit / week / year and more than a hundred remarks to manage yearly. […]

Serialization: invest internally or outsourcing?

Here we are, February 9, 2019 is fast approaching. The FMD Directive about serialization will come into force throughout Europe. If you are not yet equipped, or you have not thought about the question, it is already too late, you will not be compliant … or so make a lot of stock! Since 2 years […]

Deciding is winning!

Throughout our lives, personal or professional, we make decisions, good or bad, the specificity of the Man is to learn from these choices, more from the bad ones by the way in general, because we rarely learn from the good choices or the victories. Which company thinks to make a return of experience on a […]

Back to the most important event of the pharmaceutical industry

CPhI worldwide: 3 days to conquer the pharmaceutical world From October 9 to 11, 2018, the most important show in the pharmaceutical industry was held in Madrid: CPhI worldwide. It takes place once a year through different places around the world. This congress, founded in 1990 as an international exhibition of chemistry and pharmacy, is […]

Input and output data in sales and operations planning

The sales and operations planning in the pharmaceutical industry is a monthly process that allows Sales and Marketing to update the sales plan for the next period of 12 months, and the Production and Purchasing department to: Check if they have enough capacity to manufacture what is planned to sell, Modify the Production Plan, Communicate […]

Pharmaceutical CDMO: Why paying for services?

In the field of pharmaceutical outsourcing where competition is raging, a change of mentality has been taking place in recent years. Where the buyers agreed to pay a little more in their drug unit price, they are today focused on any cent. The contracting of outsourcing relationships causes that the CDMO, in return for the […]

Connected medical devices, do you think about it?

Connected health everyone talks about it, but who is it for? What is the purpose? What are the uses? Connected medical devices have spawned in recent years offering real interests for patients but also great opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to stand out from the competition. Are the 3.0 medical devices for you? The smartphones spread […]

What are the big differences between GMP and ISO 22716?

Drugs have the Good Manufacturing Practices (hereinafter referred to as GMP), cosmetics have the ISO 22716 standard. If the need to secure the production of drugs is not to prove, it is not always obvious for cosmetic products. Indeed these “substances or mixtures intended to be put in contact with the superficial parts of the […]

Sea Waters: pack volume trends!

In a mature market like nasal seawater, competition is raging and new brands, punchy, force the historical players to review more and more often their range in order to adapt themselves… trends are changing quickly and a way of to differentiate is the volume of the pack! The volume to differentiate in the Sea Water […]

OTC: the war of pharmacy shelves

In the past years in France, the market for major pharmaceutical brands has been attacked by generics. The first brand managers’ reactions was to transfer some of their medicines to OTC: freedom of tariffs, and getting closer to consumers. The “front” then moved on the shelves of pharmacies, where brands try to be the most […]

Steps of Sales and Operations Planning in pharmaceutical industry

The basic components of the Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) in the pharmaceutical industry are the commercial plan, the production plan (often called the industrial plan so as not to confuse it with the production program), coherence of these two plans, decisions and arbitrations, validation by the company of the resulting plans Familiarize yourself with […]

Cosmetics: Say STOP to listed synthetic preservatives!

No cosmetics without preservatives. The latter are indeed essential to any preparation to prevent the proliferation of germs, bacteria and other fungi that develop very well in skincare products. Of natural or synthetic origin, they allow a healthcare product to be preserved without oxidation. Which solutions to avoid cosmetic preservatives ? However, the use of […]

Cosmetic formulation: Succeeding Specifications without false note

URS are one of the essential elements in your project implementation because this tool makes possible to clearly define the problem, to identify the needs and the constraints, to determine the expected results and to establish the rules between the customer and the subcontractor. Creating a URS is quite long and represents a real challenge! […]

Pharmaceutical responsibility: it’s not me it’s the other!

When the time comes to have your drug developed, it can be difficult to navigate through the different existing statuses. It is therefore good to know the pharmaceutical responsibilities meanings of each in order to choose. Pharmaceutical responsibility: how to choose the sharing of responsibility with your subcontractor Pharmaceutical responsibility is a key point to […]

Pharmaceutical serialization : are you ready?

All the players still have only a few months to set up the serialization of drugs in order that they can be managed and monitored. Because the challenge is the fight against counterfeiting that concerns 1 out of 10 drugs sold in the world! While the investment of the manufacturer to implement serialization is colossal, […]

Seawater nasal spray : The number 1 against allergic rhinitis

Currently, in most industrialized countries, about 15 to 20% of the population could be affected by allergic rhinitis, sometimes without being diagnosed and/or treated. If allergic rhinitis often flares up during adolescence and in the beginning of adulthood, it can be triggered at any point in life. A child, just like a senior, may be […]

CDMO : 10 key points to choose

Outsourcing its drug manufacturing to a CDMO is very common for twenty years in France. Pharmaceutical companies, operating in a recessionary market, are outsourcing their production in order to improve their profitability and to reposition themselves on the innovation and commercialization of their medicines.  There are hundreds of CDMOs in the world … So how […]

Why establish a Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) in pharmaceutical industry ?

Many operations of the sales and operations planning in the pharmaceutical industry already exist but are managed independently by different pilots and often without coordination. The systemic approach remains unused because the organization has to be mature. From the outside and as we seek to optimize coordination with its suppliers and customers, the industrial and […]

Subcontracting agreement : key points before signed

Today, thanks to internet, anyone can easily find standard contracts. However, we must remain vigilant on these contracts quality, because it is regularly found in the legal field that companies having used this type of template are highly contractually committed because of their lack of prudence.That is why, I propose you below some simple rules […]

ENT treatment: what is the point of integrating plants into health products?

Since the dawn of time, human beings use plants for their health benefits, for their culinary interest or for less shameful pleasures. Yes, who has never had the opportunity to enjoy a small glass of herbal liqueur!!! Plants have many virtues and each in its field contributes to strengthening the action of a pharmaceutical or […]

Quality defect  :5 major points to respect in order to define a quality defect in a specification.

Between a pharmaceutical contract-manufacturer (CDMO) and the client, the specifications drafting phase corresponds in some ways to the phase in which the foundations of the project are laid. The phases following the specifications are intended to build the project from the elements that have been defined in the specifications. In this respect, the content of […]

ISO 13485 standard: what are the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to 2016?

In our field, quality is very important. This is why the internationally recognized ISO 13485 standard establishes the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical device field. In 2016, this standard was reviewed to allow convergence towards European regulatory requirements and to better comply with the changes in the field of quality […]

ECOSOLUTION ™ the cosmetic packaging that protects your formulas and respects nature

Today, ensuring a customer experience that leaves up to the image of the brand is at the center of attention. Adding effectiveness of the formula, ease of use, attractiveness and pleasure while having an environmentally friendly approach is not always obvious. Cosmetic packaging becomes a key element offering new perspectives for brands. Its usefulness, formerly […]

Pollen and allergy: What are the available solutions to your client?

That’s it, spring has finally arrived. If the majority of people feel revived with the arrival of good weather, some begin to suffer this season’s inconvenience. Indeed, pollen allergy or more commonly known as “hay fever” affects more than 30% of the population. This rate continues to grow over the years especially because of air […]

Licensing-out: the solution for your range extension!

While brand managers want to develop a coherent range as quickly as possible on their therapeutic area, they face the slow in-house development and the heaviness of regulatory registration … The solution is once again in outsourcing  products already registered, where only the brand is missing: the dream ! Have you ever thought about licensing […]

Why trusting a (good) CDMO sales rep?

The business of sales representing a CDMO has entered the twenty-first century and the relationship between the sales rep and the buyer has evolved … more horse trader’s fair or penny pinching, But a necessary and reassuring trust relationship when internet allows expertise to be shared … What makes the difference with a good CDMO […]

Customer relationship management in pharmaceutical industry

Customer Relationship Management is about creating and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and its customers. Why betting on a good customer relationship? In the business mode of customer relationship management, the company focuses on customer loyalty by offering a quality of service that it would not find elsewhere. Customer relationship processes And […]

Top 5 pharmaceutical trends

The pharmaceutical industry is a primary need because it is vital to Human beings who want to constantly improve their standard of living. This is a sector that is changing but is not likely to go down overnight. It is difficult for new players to enter especially due to high regulatory standards. Moreover with the […]

Do not think your CDMO will be better than your factory!

Don’t think that your CDMO will be better than your own plant! For various reasons, saturation or aging of your equipment, back-up manufacturing of your key products, you have chosen a CDMO (read the post 10 key points to choose your CDMO). It is a relationship of trusting partner that you will build and that […]

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