Galenic forms of the future: technological developments and innovations

Tablets, sachets, capsules or sprays have long time ago replaced ointments, filters or other decoctions. Galenic is an art, the art of preparing the drug in a form easily assimilated and totally effective. For thousands of years, evolutions and innovations have marked the history of medication, and fortunately for us. Everyone appreciates the small anesthetic puncture before the pulling of tooth or this small tablet to swallow to fight against the headache. These technological evolutions and galenic innovations favor the emergence of new galenic forms always more powerful and much less invasive.

So if you have not yet heard of new innovations, here is a preview of a focus on galenic forms that may soon be on the shelves.

Innovation galénique

Discover galenic innovations

The patch

Well known dispensing system (especially by smokers). It allows a prolonged and regular release of the drug through the skin avoiding the first pass effect through the liver. Current research is moving towards a patch that would accelerate the spread of the drug via a skin barrier weakening. Other benefits, this administration mode allows to interrupt the treatment at any time if the side effects require it and would be less expensive than the current hormonal treatments.


A new generation of implants is emerging, here are some examples.

The cancer detector implant

A great upheaval, what do I say a revolution in cancer prevention. Researchers have developed a subcutaneous implant that monitors the level of calcium, a sign of the onset of the disease. In case of increase of this rate, a production of melanin is launched by the cells composing this patch. The person is thus prevented by the appearance of an artificial “mole”. The device can recognize the four most common types of cancer (prostate, lung, colon and breast) at a very early stage of tumor development.

The bio-artificial pancreas

Major challenge for the treatment of diabetes and the 25 million people concerned. An artificial bio-pancreas that, positioned in the abdomen, encapsulates insulin-secreting pancreatic cells that follow the blood glucose level will be able to adjust the amount of insulin to produce. It will therefore deliver with autonomy insulin and finally relieve the patient constant monitoring of blood sugar and stress bites.

Implant against diabetes

A match-sized implant inserted under the skin of the belly could deliver exenatide, a drug whose effect is similar to that of insulin. This implant will spread the molecule for long periods and even up to a full year to balance the blood glucose. After one year, it will be removed and replaced by a new one.

The nanoworld

This wonderful and unknown world of the infinitely small!!!! Thanks to nanotechnology, we are able to insert drug molecules into miniature capsules that protect the active ingredient from any possible degradation or destruction by the body. These nano-capsules control the release of the API on time and space. In the future, capsules will act as agents of mass destruction that will attack and eradicate cancer cells. Others will be able to travel in the body and transcribe precisely what is happening inside the body.

You find these extraordinary innovations, fantastic or as our “amazing” English-speaking friends would say. Yes, but wait to see what researchers will design in the future. So we meet up in 2030.