CSR brings together all practices aimed at integrating social, environmental and economic concerns into their activities. Involve your organization and your employees in an ambitious, rewarding and simple project to implement. The installation of hives can be one of the pillars of this approach, so

At Amazon, and other Ali Baba’s age, at the time when all stores have their own app and when consumers can have accurate information whenever they decide and need, isn’t it time to turn disruptive and change BtoB usages by duplicating the new BtoC model to CDMOs? Communication with your CDM

"A collective employment termination project is under study at Sanofi. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, a social and economic committee will be held in three entities of the group (Sanofi Aventis Group, R & D and industry) to address this reorganization. "We are very worried," told the Newsp

Excel, my beautiful Excel tell me if you are really so convenient and secure to manage all deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) or Change Control in our production site. Obviously not! So Excel to the trash? More reliable processes for safer and more efficient quality! Find out hereu

The relationship between a customer and his CDMO is essential to sustain sales and therefore his business. Bad word of mouth or misunderstanding can lead to major financial disasters or, in the worst case scenario, bankruptcy. That's why you need to be especially careful about the relationship you h

As anyone knows, a company manufactures a good or a service in order to meet a customer need. Its offer is differentiated on the market by an “Order Winner” - the strong point of the company, which makes it special from the others. The “Order Winner” will influence the entire manufacturing s

You heard about medical device last night on advertising and you don’t know what it really is, so this release is for you. Know that medical devices are everywhere but really everywhere. They can represent many things whether contact lenses, a nasal spray, a bandage, a hip prosthesis, an intimate