CSR brings together all practices aimed at integrating social, environmental and economic concerns into their activities. Involve your organization and your employees in an ambitious, rewarding and simple project to implement. The installation of hives can be one of the pillars of this approach, so how and why integrate it to your plant?

As Albert Einstein said, “If the bee were to disappear, humanity would only have a few more years to live”, so take a look at this article.

installation ruches

Why install hives on your pharmaceutical site?

Promoting biodiversity and safeguarding bees

Born 65 million years ago, bees are the most important pollinators of plant diversity and contribute up to 80% to the reproduction of most plant species around the world.

While nearly a third of the bee’s hives died last winter, contribute to the preservation of bees and therefore our biodiversity by settling hives on your plant.

In France, the need to cover the market is 4 million hives and we currently have a little more than 1 million…

To settle a hive in a manufacturing site is therefore to participate in animal biodiversity by helping bees to return to the city. But above all, it is to participate in vegetal biodiversity because 80% of flowers are pollinated by bees. These two causes are fully part of a CSR approach.

Federate your teams and give sense to the CSR policy

This project can also create a link in your company and motivate your employees around a common project when we know that 70% of employees want to be more involved in the CSR approach and 90% think that the company is quite legitimate to engage in Sustainable Development. In addition, bees have considerable sympathy capital.Here are the needed ingredients to set it up:

  • A convinced direction
  • A passionate project manager and an involved team
  • A little space
  • A beekeeper partner
  • And a lot of motivation

Promote CSR and enhance your brand image

Settling a hive or several hives on your pharmacy plant will be a great communication tool. Indeed, all events related to the hive can become events and punctual actions. You will be able to involve your employees in the setting up and demarche. From the settling of the hive to the distribution of honey from your hive, including beekeepers cares, every step is an opportunity to educate your employees and your partners to your action within your company’s CSR policy.

By settling a hive on your pharmaceutical site, and communicating about this operation, you capitalize on a positive image of your company but as well on an environmental or biodiversity protector image. You become an eco-responsible company in front of more and more aware customers.

Bee happy and settle hives on your site!

Installation of hives: the gateway to your CSR approach

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