Stimulating the interest of patients and consumers is essential for any player in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. When the packaging seduces and must be pretty in the cosmetics industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, it should instead be practical and informative.

We can then start from the mega trends of society or global consumption such as the reduction of our ecological footprint to consider the packaging that will answer to.

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Packagings: trends are racing in 2019


The growth of your product or range may be closely related to packaging, although limited in the pharmaceutical sector you will have more flexibility for your cosmetics or medical devices.

Discover below some trends to make good choice of packaging for your future product launches.


Eco-friendly packaging

This is the trend # 1 because environmental responsibility is at the heart of our society and applies to all our daily actions: to move, to eat, and cosmetics, medical devices or drugs do not escape this trend. So be eco-friendly in your packaging. Ecological products are fashionable and appeal to patients and consumers alike. So you can bet on a simple packaging but environment friendly. We can opt for a kraft or wood packaging when it comes to cosmetics and especially biodegradable or recycled materials.


Minimal packaging or zero packaging

A trend of consumption of zero waste has appeared in recent years so why could not we imagine coming to the pharmacy with its container and just recover the dose of medication needed, this is already done overseas. The whole thing is to be inventive to reduce our waste.

Flexible packaging

In addition to reducing materials, brands also want to offer more flexible packaging.This new trend emerges from the will to offer patients products that are easy to carry, open and store. With our more and more on the go lifestyles it is a strong consumer trend.

A packaging but not only

Packaging designers and marketers must now consider and create fully recyclable packaging, and it’s not just about materials.You need to ask yourself how your packaging can be stored in the patient’s home and used for something else. In other words, how can your packaging be multi-functional then: let’s brainstorm.

A diversity of forms

This is a flagship trend to follow in 2019 for your packaging: the shapes variety.To the traditional rectangular boxes are added more complex forms such as pyramids and cylinders. Even though many brands have already made use of this trend today you should consider your packaging as a fully part of your product.

Pastel is up to date

Trends in recent years reveal that pastel colors are once again central to packaging.Indeed, this type of color will find its place in 2019 on the packaging of feminine products for a soft and warm effect. Patients will prefer these softer and less stimulating colors especially for health and pharma packaging.

The packaging that protects the formulas

More than a packaging, the packaging evolves to become a better safeguard against the bacterial proliferation. Your bottle of cream is no longer there just to look pretty in your bathroom. The best way to protect are the “airless” bottles because the patient’s finger does not come into direct contact with the product and the pump to dispense it has no air intake. As a result the cream comes out but nothing comes back in the bottle. This is available on all formats jar, tube, bottle…So, 2019 will show ecological fun and responsible packaging. Think about your future packaging with these trends! We care together


Packagings that have the wind in their sails in pharmaceutical industry

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