Today, ensuring a customer experience that leaves up to the image of the brand is at the center of attention. Adding effectiveness of the formula, ease of use, attractiveness and pleasure while having an environmentally friendly approach is not always obvious.

Cosmetic packaging becomes a key element offering new perspectives for brands. Its usefulness, formerly limited to its function of container or purchase starter by its artwork, is now expanding to new finery.

emballage cosmetique RPC

Discover cosmetic packaging RPC

Composed of only 4 plastic parts, the Ecosolution ™ airless pump combined with the AirFree® pocket bottle * offers 3 exclusive advantages:

Optimized restitution rate up to 98%

The combination of its airless pump and Airfree® pouch bottle makes it easy to dispense from the most liquid to the most viscous formulas, achieving restitution rates of up to 98%

Ecosolution ™ is now available in two versions :

  • a version for the distribution of medium and liquid viscosity formulas
  • a version for the distribution of high viscosity thick formulas

Protection of your formulas

Thanks to the EVOH barrier contained in the flexible bag of the bottle and the Ecosolution ™ airless pump, your formula is protected from oxygen. This limits the oxidation risk or discoloration, but also prevents the Active Ingredients evaporation throughout the shelf life.

The packaging acts as a shield and potentially reduces the number of preservatives.

100% recyclable plastic packaging

Environmental friendly, this dispensing system is fully recyclable thanks to the Ecosolution ™ 100% plastic pump without metal parts or glass ball.

Eco-designed, its reduced number of components (4 against 12 for a conventional pump) reduces the carbon footprint by 30% during its manufacture.

The Ecosolution ™ system + AirFree® bottle pocket is a certified packaging by the French and European organizations ECOCERT and COSMOS

Finally Ecosolution ™ associated with the Airfree® bottle is also recognized by COTREP as a highly recyclable packaging.

The consumer benefits

  • Reduces waste and allow full use of the product even for very thick formulas.
  • A bottle that is oxygen barrier and limits the evaporation of the active ingredients to ensure consistent effectiveness throughout the product shelf life.
  • Fully recyclable packaging that can be processed on the traditional recycling path
ECOSOLUTION ™ the cosmetic packaging that protects your formulas and respects nature

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