Create commitment to patients

Whether for medical devices (without prescription) or cosmetics the offer is always more abundant. In this context, it is increasingly difficult to build loyalty and generate engagement to patients / customers who want to take their health and beauty in their own hands.

So how to create an effective and sustainable engagement? This is the question I ask myself in my daily marketer life and that we will try to develop through this article.

And we will see that feedback will create the link and therefore the engagement or how to join the useful to the pleasant.

Engagement patient

Patient engagement, without discouragement!

First, identify your “engaged” patients

An engaged patient or client is someone who is involved in his relationship with you. He uses your medical or cosmetic devices regularly. He will act as a true prescriber to his relatives and on the web.

The engaged patient is summed up by the fact that he will prefer your brand, your product compared to your competitor’s one through a qualitative and lasting interaction between you and him.

Adopt a patient-centered strategy

I like Sam Walton’s quote “There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire all the staff, from the director to the employee. Simply by going to spend his money elsewhere. “Think about it when you build your strategy. The patient / client has the power, you must think like him and above all be attentive to his problems, his needs to create long-term engagement.

Improve patient understanding

To offer them the most adapted products and services, do not hesitate to question them. For example, you can organize a thematic day.Indeed, you will be more able to create engagement if the proposed offer generates their interest.Example: someone uses your products because he often gets cold, maybe he will prefer your brand for its efficiency but there can be lots of reasons: packaging, cross-promotion, your advice, sustainability … question them and identify the reasons!

Use their feedbacks

The feedback’s strength is sometimes underestimated and yet it is the key to success. The more the patient feels that their opinion is taken into consideration and the more they will commit in your company projectsExample: You can schedule events to co-create and take their opinions into account.

And finally, do not forget that telling a beautiful story remains the best marketing

Open a linkedIn page, create an instagram account will only take a few minutes but succeed in creating a community and make it live here is a real challenge! And yes, the Holy Grail is to create engagement to your brand. So here is a brief feedback from what can work :

Generate emotions to awaken interest

Whether you are in B to C or B to B we remain above all humans and appealing to the emotional remains the strongest engagement means.

Get creative

Choose a beautiful attractive visual because a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore will generate more engagement than any text.You can also play on seasonality because there are dates that speak to everyone.

Be inspiring

Your clients or patients need to be able to identify with your brand through inspiring publications. In short, to create commitment, you have to be creative and original, but also empathic, careful and attentive! But do not forget that the prerequisite of all this is the overall satisfaction of your product or service. You will thus pass from the passive form of the relationship: satisfaction to its active form: engagement. So, it’s up to you!