CDMO: towards a two-tier CSR?

CSR is very trendy, some of our customers even impose this condition on us in the commercial relation in order to become one of their supplier! The revolution is underway and we are the actors … Here, employees can express themselves, bees make honey and suppliers are respected.

Indeed, the new generation, whatever its name, Y, or Z teaches us to transform our workplace into a living place… and yes that’s where we spend most of our day!

Operation in start-up mode allows constructive exchanges without any hierarchy, and even if this mode of communication can surprise our oldest, they perceive the interests rather quickly

But this revolution initiated by our “millenials” does have a financial impact on industrial enterprises, doesn’t it?


CDMO: towards a two-tier CSR?

I am reading a very inspiring book by Alexandre Mars … “The revolution of sharing” … This book deals amongst other things with a societal trend of our new generations who are very aware of what the author calls the first day chance, wishing to give a chance of the second day to those who have not had the day before … The idea is to share the wealth, through donations, which will become the norm, especially in favor of a revolutionary mindset change between the generations of our parents and those of our children … Indeed, when we are born in our Western societies, we do not have the same luck as when we were born in a country devastated by the war or the disease. If you want to know more about it, I refer you to this book.

For my part, this reading made me want to inspire you in turn, you, my favorite buyers, eager of beautiful CSR stories, who ask us to sign charters respectful of the environment, the Human and the Society … what we do with joy, our proactivity in this area is no longer to prove, moreover you must have already tasted the honey of our bees!

It is important to take care of the Human, the Company, its suppliers and employees, the environment and our impact on it. And for companies basing their added value on intangible brainpower, such as IT start-ups, service companies, this is rather transparent, (or at least under control) in terms of costs, and even it requires as much commitment and conviction, does not cost very much, compared to the value added generated.

On the other hand, for industrial companies, such as CDMOs, with lower added value, and imposed CSR constraints, this visceral conviction applied to any company layers can generate expenses impacting very significantly the final result!

We find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, our customers putting CSR in place at little cost do not understand that it applied to our perimeter generates more costs … and do not accept to share the consequences through their purchase price increases 😉 …

Will this trend generate a two-tier CSR, or will the new buyer’s generations accept to be financially involved in their beliefs?

Do not wait to find out and let’s get involved! The revolution is on!