While brand managers want to develop a coherent range as quickly as possible on their therapeutic area, they face the slow in-house development and the heaviness of regulatory registration … The solution is once again in outsourcing  products already registered, where only the brand is missing: the dream !

Have you ever thought about licensing out?

The famous Business Developer (one of these new positions that has the same name at the supplier than at the customer) are the friends of brand managers … Thanks to their network, they are able to find the product that is lacking to complete their range!

They are able to negotiate Medicines Files, Medical Devices or cosmetics in the form of licensing-out in order to market these products under the decided brand as soon as possible (from one year to a few months) …

The different types of licensing-out

It depends on the status of the product you are licensing in.

For Medicines it is a question of creating a range leader while paying attention to the umbrella brands … some examples showed that if the APIs are different, the names of brands must be distinct according to the ANSM.

MAA Holder or Distributor, Generic, Duplicate, Exclusive, Several Options for Licensing-Out that depend on the Regulatory and Business Strategy of the Company. The cost of Licensing-out also varies according to these options …

For Medical Devices, you can create a range extension more quickly (in six months the product is on the market). The buyer of the Licensing-out may only have the Distributor status while using his trademark … The Registration remains the property of the Manufacturer (OEM for Original Equipment Manufacturer) within the meaning of the Directive, the Materiovigilance and conformity to the ISO 13485 are his responsibility. This simplifies things a lot for the Distributor.

Another DM Licensing-out deal is the OBL (Own Brand Labeler) format, which allows a laboratory that has ISO13485 accreditation itself to take the Manufacturer status by purchasing the OEM File which becomes from this deal  The OBL subcontractor.

So how to find happiness in licensing-out?

There are many ways to find the product of your dreams …

The network: The Business Developers are obviously the best placed through their network to find the best product that will be in line with the expectations of the brand manager. Buyers can also browse databases of their favorite CDMOs, or go through suppliers of raw materials or packaging items.

The trade shows: Pharmapack, CphI, ICSE, Aerosol Forum, A3P, MedTech, Luxe Pack, Luxury Formulation, Cosmoprof,etc … all these major world trade fairs and their regional variations are full of proposals for Licensing- out. That said, it’s all about finding the rare pearl in these very “generalist” fairs …

I would rather recommend Business Development Congresses such as EuroPLX, Pharmavenue, VectorPharma, etc … where efficiency predominates in the speed dating mode currently trendy … I told you that the business relationship resembled the romantic relationship in the post “do not think that your CDMO will be better than your factory“..

One of the trends of recent months, as in all the company is the digitalization of the offer with digital stands on specialized sites like PipelinePharma.com where we find a list of Licensing-out that cross your search: the Google of Licensing-out!

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to be imaginative or creative … and if you don’t succeed, there is certainly someone in the world who has been for you!

Licensing-out: the solution for your range extension!

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