Communication with his CDMO: we move to 4.0?

At Amazon, and other Ali Baba’s age, at the time when all stores have their own app and when consumers can have accurate information whenever they decide and need, isn’t it time to turn disruptive and change BtoB usages by duplicating the new BtoC model to CDMOs?


Communication with your CDMO: Are you ready to upgrade to 4.0?

I would like today to address a theme that is dear to me: innovation to the customer’ service. By placing an order on the web, I realized the impact of changing my consumption habits on my everyday life … No need to think about taking time to move to the shops far from home, no more waiting for the opening hours, no more hope to the arrival of the long-awaited purchase in the mailbox… all is done on my smartphone! And when the seller has no place on my mobile screen (because he has no app to be downloaded) … I buy from a competitor!

So I put myself in the shoes of my customers (OK we talk about BtoB no more BtoC), but the generational revolution that is happening today will make work and private life so close that habits will mix and we will buy the contract manufacturing as we buy today a personal gift on Amazon …

That does not mean that the contract manufacturers will have to integrate their service offer on an Amazon page (or Ali Baba or etc …) or so (!), but especially, from my point of view, that the access to their order’s information for our customers (purchasers or buyers) will certainly be done at any time of the day and night … in short, when they will think about it … or when they will need it … in real time, and with a deep level of detail.For me, the human interface will be reduced and will switch to system to system communication (already some customers place their orders automatically, and our system confirm them back) or system to person (for more detailed information), to allow the human to focus on topics where artificial intelligence does not have enough data to decide itself…

I dream of being able to provide my customers with deep and detailed information on their orders, in real time, to have access to their batch file on a personal page and finally to allow them to confirm their forecasts with one click, as simple as I can do it on my apps … Is this a utopia? Not sure… anyway, I want to try!

I would like your opinion on this point! Feel free to comment or share these lines and see you soon on your smartphone!