Perpetuate your business thanks to its customer relationship

The relationship between a customer and his CDMO is essential to sustain sales and therefore his business. Bad word of mouth or misunderstanding can lead to major financial disasters or, in the worst case scenario, bankruptcy. That’s why you need to be especially careful about the relationship you have with your customers.

Relation client CDMO

So, how to sustain your customer relationship in the pharmaceutical industry?

Stay tuned to our customers

In fact, listening to your customers makes it possible to know what is useful for them and to guarantee them an excellent quality of service, as well as the most complete offer possible. This proximity allows to take care of the details and to provide tailor-made offer, such as specific product contract-development. Indeed, you may need, at a time, new products to expand your ranges and knowing you and your market allows us to meet your expectations.

And it is by listening to you and analyzing the market that we can identify the products you are looking for and that have a future. We offer you innovative or trendy products and this will allow to satisfy you, while developing our partnership and at the same time develop our company.

Adapt to our customers’s needs

Then we must be able to adapt to our customers’ needs.
Indeed, sustaining your business is also a question of adaptation.
We need to be able to identify at the right time, the opportunities to seize and adapt our production tool to the needs of the market and customers.For example, acquiring a new machine, on a specific technology, to optimize our production tool will allow us to develop our business and meet your needs on new requests for trendy products, while strengthening our partnership and sustaining the company.

Propose a complete offer and think long term

To sustain our customer relationship, we must indeed propose a complete offer to our client and build a long-term relationship.

A customer will stick to the CDMO that serve him, only if it continues to add value and be innovative.

We must as well remain vigilant about what is happening on the market, and also what is happening on our contract-manufacturing business: some companies close, others merge and new players enter the market … All this can come to challenge our longstanding and yet excellent CDMO/ Client collaboration.Nothing is ever acquired in our commercial relations.

So you have to know how to stay awake so you can bounce back.

Rely on our network and show ourselves

Word of mouth makes a lot, hence the importance of having a good network: a satisfied customer or partner will recommend you. But we must also know how to show ourselves.

Thus, we integrated a strategy of commercial development via social networks.

Our relationship with the customer, the prospect is thus more personal, our prospecting time is reduced and we have a better conversion rate.