Batch release is a regulatory provision from European directives. This type of decision cannot be taken by anyone. But what does it really consist of? Let us take a look here at this task which we confess seems obscure in these terms. Batch release: knowing how to dare safe Batch release: what

Whether for medical devices (without prescription) or cosmetics the offer is always more abundant. In this context, it is increasingly difficult to build loyalty and generate engagement to patients / customers who want to take their health and beauty in their own hands. So how to create an effect

CSR is very trendy, some of our customers even impose this condition on us in the commercial relation in order to become one of their supplier! The revolution is underway and we are the actors ... Here, employees can express themselves, bees make honey and suppliers are respected. Indeed, the new

February 2019, a customer gives more or less detailed specifications and asks his contractor manufacturer to manufacture it so that it is in drugstores’ shelves in May. Do you think it is doable? Not easy!! You will see that the pathway to get to the shelves of pharmacies is littered with pitfalls