CDMO : global or local ?

Can you have your cake and eat it too … the nearness of a local contract manufacturer and the price of a global one? Obviously if we are buyer or commercial, we will have different answers, but is there really an answer? In any case, the consumers opinions can help us…

CDMO global vs local

So pharmaceutical outsourcing: at the end of the world or down the street?

Domestic production on the rise

A recent survey by Ifop France shows an increase in French people’s attention to national manufacturing. Quality (44%) and price (31%) are the main criteria in the choice of a product, especially among the low income population. The country of manufacture comes in third, with 11% of respondents who consider it as the first criteria, one step above the one measured in 2011 (4th).

This result confirms the trend of the French people to take into account the country of manufacture at the time of purchase of a product. 17% of them take it “systematically” into account (+ 4% compared to 2013), while 45% pay “often” attention to that (+ 6%).

The purchase of a product “made in France” comes from citizen and patriotic motivations, the individual considerations passing in a second time. Could this trend apply to pharmaceutical outsourcing? Would our French customers have this patriotic conscience?

Is the local trend confirmed in pharmaceutical outsourcing?

It is true that each solution has its particularity and its advantages: a local will be flexible, understand your requirements, and make the quality compliant to local standards … while a foreign subcontractor, beyond not speaking the language and not understand the subtleties of local framework will probably (even if not 100% sure) have a more interesting tariff proposal.

In this time when the digital is cutting borders, will globalization bury local productions, or will the need for nearness persist at any price?

Depending on the product to be subcontracted you will find a consensual choice:

  • local product: local production
  • global product: global production

Unless you prefer the “made in France” !! and in this case come to see us?