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Packaging innovation: interview your contract manufacturer or visit a trade show

In the 21st century, even more than yesterday, companies are renewing themselves and constantly innovating. Today, when you want to last in a market, it is essential to launch new products and innovate in order to offer practical but original solutions to patients. When you want to access innovation, there are several possible strategies: ask a partner, interview suppliers, visit a trade show, do online watchfulness… Today we will try to compare 2 solutions available for you to find a packaging innovation in our beautiful market.So evaluate the value of visiting a trade show or interviewing your pharmaceutical contract manufacturer.

Innovation packaging

Access to innovation: trade show vs subcontractor

Trade show: why visit it to find innovations?

The trade show is a must to make an effective and targeted monitoring provided that your visit is prepared upstream. We deliver you the benefits of visiting.

The overview of pharma

In opposition to general trade shows opening to the public, trade shows such as PharmaPack or CPhI are specialized exhibitions that will provide an overview of the pharma and allow you to see the major trends that emerge. It is therefore essential, if you plan to go there, to define the outlines of your needs. You will go to the essential.Concretely, if you are a pharmaceutical buyer looking for the latest innovations, target the exhibitors who can meet your today and tomorrow’s needs.

Set up a methodology

It’s up to you to determine the best methodology according to your needs: meetings with manufacturers, networking, locating products according to the ranges you want to develop. Allow yourself a few hours to visit the rest of the show and stay tuned for trends that you may have missed beforehand. You can also save time for the events and conferences organized on the spot: they are generally good moments of exchanges.

Discovering innovations and networking

Buyer, manufacturer, reseller … The trade show will allow you to tour the market but also to identify innovations. Of course, you are already doing business intelligence in specialized publications and on the web; but nothing beats the trade show to test and evaluate the news, live. This can allow you to source new products, presented for the first time in France, but also to inspire you if you are a manufacturer. At major pharma tradeshows, come to discover the latest products from major manufacturers, suppliers often in sneak preview.As visitors, you are also present to network: prospecting, meetings, making contact with old or current suppliers. The network often starts with physical contact, so enjoy!But these exchanges on the show should not stop there; it is only by knowing what you are looking for and targeting professionals in your sector that these contacts will be profitable. Be selective.So trade shows, a good method to spot? Yes surely, provided you have prepared your visit upstream to guide your choices.Every year, you can spot the major trends in the pharmaceutical world at CPhI worldwide. This year it will take place in Frankfurt from 5 to 7 November.

On the other hand, what are the benefits of interviewing a contract manufacturer to identify the best innovations on the market?

Your current contract manufacturer or an external subcontractor can also be a good channel to explore to find the latest packaging innovations as their advice will give you direct access to the latest market trends!

Call the R & D department of your subcontractor

Make sure your contract manufacturer has a Research & Development unit to access the latest market trends! Indeed, the R & D evaluates current trends to offer you those adapted to your needs. If you have a project, do not hesitate to question them they can support you in its realization from the idea until the manufacture.

Unity is strength

Because we have more ideas in several heads than in one, you can benefit from the interaction of your services with those of the contract manufacturer to find the most innovative packaging for your formula.In addition, the contract manufacturer has often access through his purchasing manager to a strong knowledge of market players and suppliers.

Combining price and innovation

In addition, by calling your contract manufacturer you will have access to the best prices that will be negotiated for you on a larger scale. So why not going out and look for contract manufacturers at trade shows, perhaps this combination is the solution to access innovation? The next unmissable pharma event, the CPhI is in November so save the date!