If you can improve your production, invoicing or sales without making new investments in the short term, then you will be ready for growth.

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How to quickly increase your production capacity?

What is production capacity?

Increasing your production capacity means giving you the means to produce more internally, for example by speeding up production or optimizing your systems and processes.

Rapidly increase production capacity

Here are some things you could do to improve your company’s production capacity:

Strengthen your skills

All entrepreneurs learn by experience. That said, you can improve your learning by leveraging the expertise of others. You probably already know your weak points.

Eliminate inefficiencies and optimize systems

Are your activities running optimally? By correcting small gaps, you can increase your production capacity.

The following improvements generally provide efficiency:

  • Remove superfluous and time-consuming tasks.
  • Delegate tasks to the best qualified people to accomplish them.
  • Create template documents.
  • Encourage employees to self-assess their work quality, and to improve it if necessary.
  • Check that the results correspond to the company’s objectives.

Entrepreneurs, who take on many tasks on a daily basis, are often poorly organized. Is this your case? So it can be very long to learn working with you. If you write important or common processes,  your new employees can be productive from day one.

Evaluate staffing needs

To grow your business, you must be surrounded by the right people. If your business is going well like that, then you have to wonder how it would react to sudden growth.

Start by assessing your needs and then identify the essential skills you are missing. These elements will form the basis of the description of your new positions.

Use of subcontracting

Find contractors or companies to which you can sub contract your extra work. You will be able to increase your capacity as needed.

Subcontracting allows you to temporarily compensate the lack of capacity, while waiting to hire full-time employees.

Evaluate the equipment

Is your equipment obsolete? Would you increase your production capacity by modernizing it?


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